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Topic: My YFCC Entry

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    My YFCC Entry

    I didn\'t make the cut in this year\'s TCM contest, so I thought I\'d post my entry here and see if anyone has any feedback for me. This was done entirely with the VSL first edition, by the way:


    Any and all comments are appreciated!

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    Re: My YFCC Entry

    Tough crowd. Perhaps the 16MB size of the above clip was a bit much...

    Here\'s the MPEG-4 version (1.5MB):

    And here it is without the video:

    Again, all feedback is appreciated.

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    Re: My YFCC Entry


    The strings were very subtle and well-phrased, and the horns were nice. The final section has some chord stacks that seems a bit bright, and perhaps out of place (using chord language that didn\'t \"square\" with the rest of the piece, maybe??). Overall I enjoyed it, and listened and watched several times through, hearing a new, pleasing detail each time. That\'s a sign of good work, in my book.

    Since the temptress struck me as manipulative, I cast a darker shadow over her \"affections\" and made our hero perhaps a bit too heroic. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] I also turned focus onto thematic development, and had (what I thought was) a distinct theme for each character (the temptress, the hero, and the assassin)

    Here\'s a link to my project, for your enjoyment: Siren Song - Houston\'s last YFCC entry
    it\'s password protected, but any \"netnanny\" should be able to figure it out - or you can ping me via email and I\'ll send it to you.

    I didn\'t make the cut either, so perhaps they were looking for something more along the lines of Gilligan\'s Island or Hawaii 5-0. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Re: My YFCC Entry

    My guess is they thought it didn\'t sound romantic enough, and also that it sounded too \"new-skool\".

    I think you\'d probably want to put a filter on the mix buss -- cut everything below 800 Hz and cut everything above 8k, don\'t want it to sound \"too\" good. *rolling eyes*

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    Re: My YFCC Entry

    Damn, THAT is impressive! It\'s the best entry I\'ve seen for this contest yet!

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