If anyone is interested in affordable
convolution reverb, Marc Ressl is soon
releasing ver. 4.00 of his RealReverb, this
time as a DirectX plugin. (Ver 3.1 was a
Winamp plugin and had to be run in realtime
via one of their Line-In \"URL\" plugins).

I last found this product at: realreverb@ressl.com.ar

I\'m not sure how this can be used w. GS160,
but maybe at least in post-work (mastering)
running finished Giga .wav projects through other platforms & re-recording the output adding RealReverb Convolution might work. (Best if your finished Giga file is \"dry\"). This also looks promising in/out of a new SB Audigy card (24 bit), using a dedicated old PC for this off an external mixer\'s effects loop.

If, in all your struggles to get GS160 flying, you ended up with 1 or more older
PC\'s, laying about, try dedicating one entirely to Convolution Reverb. (When you load up the vector library - impulse responses - of a 3-second cathedral for RealReverbConvolution, you\'ll see why a dedicated PC is a good idea - these impulses hog a CPU like crazy). It also sounds like nothing else you have ever heard in Reverb. You can also buy one from Sony & Yamaha, but, last I looked, these were around $15 grand. Impulse library sites usually offer one or two free buildings\' reverb, and the for-pay ones are quite cheap.