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Topic: I'm a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

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    I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

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    Have you ever accidentally created a new controller lane in the midi sequencer? Or maybe you accidentally removed the controller lane and were left wondering where the hell your velocity lines went?

    In doing this a hundred times it finally dawned on me. Hey!, I said to myself, I could stack three or four controller lanes on top of each other, and designate each one. One for vel, one for mod and one for sustain. Then I don\'t have to file through the drop-down list. It\'s always right there. GENIUS!!!!!!!

    I thought I\'d mention it in case there\'s people who were not aware you could do this [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

    Out of all the features in SX, this is my favorite, see, I don\'t have a MIDI controller, so I program all of it in by mouse, this is a huge timesaver...

    ..and just one of the goodies SX has that Sonar does not...

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    Re: I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

    Actually, Alan, that isn\'t true. SONAR will let you create as many controller envelopes on one track or multiple tracks pointed to a single destination as you like. You\'d just do it with tracks instead of \"lanes.\" And they\'ve had this feature longer than Cubase. It\'s just a different approach. The functionality is all there.

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    Re: I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

    Hey Bruce,
    Can you assign those envelopes to parameters in various plug-ins? For example, could I create a controller envelope and route it to the attack parameter in Atmosphere\'s filter? You can automate all of those things in Cubase, but the whole process is convoluted by having little graphical knobs instead of a straight-forward process of drawing envelopes within the sequencer that you can visually sync to other events, like you can do in Absynth or Cube\'s GUI.

    This reminds me, I\'d really like to get Kyma. I\'ve only read what they have on their site, but I get the impression that Kyma is a total highbrid of multi-tracking and synthesis. So, you can do crazy things like have one channel gradually morph into another channel, while also applying a filter envelope, letting you control all of it within the sequencer.

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    Re: I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

    Sheece, Logic lets you view as many lanes as you want too, either in the Arrange window or in a Hyperdraw window.

    Alan, do you really sequence without a controller? Isn\'t that a thoroughly miserable experience?

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    Re: I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

    [ QUOTE ]
    Alan, do you really sequence without a controller? Isn\'t that a thoroughly miserable experience?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Very much so... but you make due with what you have... I had to make a choice with my cash, SX or a decent controller. Obviously, had to go with SX or I\'d have nothing (but Cubasis) to control...

    I\'m saving for a controller, but extra money is too little and too far between... I guess I just nned to stop doing so many \"favors\" for people and start charging them, but I feel weird doing that before I have my degree.

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    Re: I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=64386&item =3719802561&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

    buy it, you get a ton of sounds with this too.

    Killer board to be starting out with, and extremely cheap for what you get

    4 sliders that ccan be assigned to whatever CC you want, Mod/pitch wheel combined controller (I actually think this is pretty lame, as the mod control is more pressure sensitive than movement based. Works great for vibrato, but not good for slow Xfades. So I assign on of the faders to Mod Wheel instead, This works perfecto.

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    Re: I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

    Thanks King, but about 5 times more than I could really afford right now... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: I\'m a genius with Cubase SX!!!!!!

    Well there\'s cheaper ones than that.

    Go to the electronic keyboards section at Ebay and look under Casio. As long as it has midi out, you\'re good to go. I\'d bet that you could find one for under $50.00.

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