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Topic: Any Logic Pro 6 users?

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    Any Logic Pro 6 users?

    im trying to use Logic Pro 6 (just purchased it) and cant figure out how to add the instrument to a track. in pro tools i just selected the garritan plugin on an insert. i tried this in logic and nothing comes up in the menu. Logic seem very illogical to me. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Any Logic Pro 6 users?

    Logic is entirely illogical. Why use it instead of Pro Tools?! Anyway I wrote myself some instructions (as it is not intuitive) and will email them to you next week (they are on the computer at my other place) if no-one has answered this by then.

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    Re: Any Logic Pro 6 users?

    Ok. i have figured it out. I agree coming from PT this is completely illogical....however the more i plug around the more intriguing i am.....HOWEVER

    here is the latest problem

    the mod wheel seem to reset back to 0 when i press stop. i searched and found the file posted in the troubleshooting area. i downloaded it and at first could not open it....tried importing an no go...then i imported using import omf feature and it supposedley worked but have no clue what it did and my session still resets the mod wheel. im so frustrated wit this. ah.....

    anyone walk me thru how to tell each of my midi instrument tracks to stay at a certain level unless i say otherwise?



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    Re: Any Logic Pro 6 users?

    Ahhh locash,
    you have discovered the big huge pain that is logic and midi chase I\'m afraid. While you can set it to chase note events and certain other midi data, for some godforsaken reason you can not with cc#1 data. Logic7 , I have been told, will address that. It\'s unfortunate that GPO relies on modwheel cc 1 data to get your volume up. A little bird told me there will also be an alternate GPO with the option to choose which cc# to use for its programming. If all goes well, it should arrive before logic7...

    best of luck

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    Re: Any Logic Pro 6 users?

    i figured out how to draw in mod wheel data (logic is still bizarre to me....coming from the PT world). so things are kinda working now.

    I will post my findings soon but in PTLE 6.2 using my digi001 i could only get 5 instruments going without it stopping. now In Logic Pro 6.4 with an M-Audio 410 box i am getting tons (right now at 15 and counting) and the cpu meter is begging for more. All on the same computer. (G4 dual 1gig, 1.5GB of ram)

    I chatted with Gary today and he said it something in the digi hardware that makes it so slow. anyways more later....gotta finish this piece and have something to send by 1pm tomorow....ahh.


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    Re: Any Logic Pro 6 users?

    Glad Gary could help you out. I could only imagine being limited to 4 instruments and having to bump to audio like that.

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