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Topic: IBM/Hitachi vs WD?

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    IBM/Hitachi vs WD?

    My E: drive (dedicated sample drive) crashed.
    It was a Maxtor 120gig.

    One month over warranty. No more Maxtor for me.

    The WD and IBM/Hitachi are the same price, but the WD has a 3-year warranty.

    Which is better?

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    Re: IBM/Hitachi vs WD?

    I code named my old IMB deskstar hard drive the deathstar. That tells you all you need to know about it. Joking aside, they USED to have a good reputation, but it seems to have been marred recently. I have have been very happy with every WD and Seagate hard drive I\'ve bought and WD seems to be very innovative and forward thinking with their 10k RPM Sata drives.

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    Re: IBM/Hitachi vs WD?

    Had 1 WD JB drive that crashed after a year or so, but generally I like the WD drives, and Seagate. Either way get the 8mb cache versions. Pretty cheap.


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