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Topic: Gigasampler to Gigastudio migration

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    Gigasampler to Gigastudio migration

    I am very new to the Gig world, so be patient please.

    I started out with Gigasampler LE that I got with my Midiman Omnistudio and Delta 66. I liked it so much I immediately upgraded to Gigasampler 64 for $99. Then the offer came by for me o upgrade to Gigastudio 96 for another $49. So, in the end I ended up with Gigastudio 96 for $148. Not bad.

    I converted many Roland and Akai sample CDs using CD Extract and was able to use them just fine. I just dragged the gig files into GS and away I went.

    Now, with GS96, I can\'t even see the Gigs I converted previously. I have to go to File>Open and look for All Files and manually load the file before it shows up. As you can imagine, this would take forever to load files. Once I have done this process though, the file is then visible.

    I thought the GS96 was supposed to scan your disk for Gig 1 files and convert them to Gig 2 automatically. I guess not.

    I\'m not sure I completely understand the relationship amongst waves, samples, gigs, instruments, and performances, but I intend to spend this morning working that out. I find the Instrument Editor to be very confusing.

    Are there any GOOD tutorials out there that could help. If so, I would appreciate the help.


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    Re: Gigasampler to Gigastudio migration

    If the QuickSound database isn\'t built automatically, it is probably because you have some old files in the DB directory inside GigaStudio/Sampler. You can delete this directory. Another option is to manually force a scan by selection \'Local Sampler\' with right mousebutton, then choose \'rebuild entire database\' (or something similar.

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    Re: Gigasampler to Gigastudio migration

    Thanks for the help. I did the right click thing and now I see all my samples.

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