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Topic: GStudio & DirectX or VST plugins

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    GStudio & DirectX or VST plugins

    Hello !

    Is there any possibility to use the GStudio with DX or VST plugins ?
    Does Virtual AudioCable solve the problem ?


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    Re: GStudio & DirectX or VST plugins

    virtual audio cable is direct sound only and when I tried it, it worked like caca within giga.

    There MAY be a way to get it to work tho. If you are using a GSIF sound card you can probably route your soundcard out to VAC then use VAC as an input in your audio app. I have a feeling that this would work, but you may have some horrendous latency even befoer you put in effects.

    I jsut think latency is going to be VERY bad when using effects that are processor hungry.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: GStudio & DirectX or VST plugins

    Unfortunately, VAC only emulates Direct Sound.

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