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Topic: Studio ergonomics

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    Studio ergonomics


    I am going to build a new \"workspace\" and I ask myself if I should have the keyboard in front of me - or in an 90° angle alongside. What is more ergonomic in your opinion ?

    in front :

    <font color=\"brown\">deskdeskdeskdesk

    90° angle :

    <font color=\"brown\">deskdeskdeskdesk
    s </font>

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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    After years of trying all kinds of unsatisfactory arrangements - keyboard at 90-degree angle with computer monitor on telescoping arm, two computer keyboards and mice, two sets of speakers, etc. - I finally built a desk that slides over the keyboard.

    The controller keyboard is simply straddled by sideways 2x6 planks with drawer slides on them; when I\'m writing, the desk slides back to expose the controller keyboard, leaving the computer keyboard in a perfect position over it; when I need to work at my desk, I slide the desktop forward up to my belly. I have a freestanding \"bridge\" for the speakers and computer monitors (so they stay in the same position when I slide the desktop).

    But if you use a big mixer, this won\'t work unless you have a second sliding layer for it. My digital mixer is off to the side, since I only use it for monitoring and routing.

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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    I have both my midikeyboard and writing keyboard in front of me

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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    I had my keyboard at 90 degrees and it was also on a two keyboard holder, on the top (because I have a full size digital piano on the bottom). It really annoyed me having to wheel over to it and reach up as well. I finally took it down and just put it on the top of my desk. I just have a normal desk with a typing keyboard slide out tray.

    I definitely like this setup way more. If you\'re doing a lot of MIDI stuff and you\'re playing things live in, it\'s way nicer to have the keyboard right in front of you. It\'s also nicer if you need to look at the onboard display of your keyboard at times, which I did.

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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    Just get two keyboards and you can have it both ways. That\'s what I did. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]


    -- Martin

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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    I couldn\'t deal with my computer keyboard being in FRONT of my Controller Keyboard.

    My home rig uses 2 Ikea tops that are 90\" long(45\" each) and have a sort of built in \"U\" to them.

    Its 2 of these going opposite directions to form the U.
    I found just the tops in scratch and dent for $40 each.
    Then I put legs on them so the table was high enough for my controller to slide UNDER it.
    The controller only sticks out far enough for the keys to show. This puts the computer keyboard and mouse above the controller on the big table at the perfect height to keep my arms and wrists straight.

    Then I got a book editors stand that angles up at just the right height.
    Its the thing in the upper right hand corner.
    I took off the part in the back that sticks up.

    So for me its:
    Controller on stand UNDER the big desk
    Computer Keyboard and mouse ON the big desk.
    Levenger thing that I use as an angeled music stand.
    Then my dual computer monitors.

    I have an argosy console that I re worked and custom built everything into but in the end my Ikea/levenger thing just works.
    And it only cost me about $200 total.

    I can take some pics of it but I don\'t have anywhere to host them. I will email them to anyone interested.



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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    Thanks for your help folks [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    Thanks for the emails gents. I sent you some really bad pics.

    But I realize its pathetic that I didn\'t have a server to host pics so I delved into my earthlink account only to realize that the service comes with web space!!
    So I built a crappy site in 20 minutes and posted the pics.


    The only digital camera I have is in my PDA (pathetic again I know! but my addiction to big libs eats up all the cash!).
    Sorry for the horrible quality but I think you can get the idea.

    Lemme know what you guys think.

    This forum rules!


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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    Anotehr option that lets you put the keyboard at 90 degrees, but still lets you easily see the computer monitor and edit things: a monitor cable splitter lets you put a second monitor over your keyboard. I use a wireless mouse, too, so it\'s simple to pick and move to the other side of the computer keyboard, or use it on the midi keyboard itself (I have a Yamaha S-80 that has a lot of empty flat space on the upper right side.)

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    Re: Studio ergonomics

    I was just at Ikea today.
    They had a bunch of the cool shaped desk tops in their \"as is\" room.

    $20 - $50 each.

    I am also looking into getting a corian countertop made for me at home depot that is basically the top to zimmers work desk.
    Couple racks underneath...........
    Controller keyboard on a stand that slides underneath.....

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