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Topic: "On 46th Street" (Final Orchestral Version)

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    \"On 46th Street\" (Final Orchestral Version)

    Here is a remix of \"On 46th Street\" using Bardstown\'s Borsendorfer
    Imperial Grand Piano, Bell Accordian & Archtop Guitar, Trilogy Bass,
    Dan Dean\'s instruments, EWQLSO 70 Piece String Ensemble & Woodwind Ensemble
    and Dr. Jazz Kit Drums (2 tracks)

    This score is destined for a movie I\'m involved with that should be completed by next year.


    Composed & Arranged by
    Alan Russell

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    Re: \"On 46th Street\" (Final Orchestral Version)


    As always, this mix sounds wonderful along with your beautiful and creative composing skills!

    Best wishes with your movie project!

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: \"On 46th Street\" (Final Orchestral Version)

    Very New York as I remember it...

    Nice, Allan! Very nice indeed!

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    Re: \"On 46th Street\" (Final Orchestral Version)

    Nhick & Kip,

    thanks so musch for your comments. The movie will be about the HS of Performing Arts originally on 46th street between 6th and 7th ave in Manhattan.
    It was the block I always travelled as a student going to and from the school. In the past a movie called \"FAME\" attempted to depict the school. They did a pretty good job. As for this movie it will be a deocumentary about its history to be distributed to many studios.

    Alan Russell

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