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Topic: 1.5 PC disaster

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    1.5 PC disaster


    1.5 will only install as VSTi, does not find any .nki files, does not find any .wav files and does not see external firewire drives.
    I completely removed any trace of former installs as recommended on the NI forum.


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    Re: 1.5 PC disaster

    I really wish I knew what to tell you, Jeannot, but I\'ve had no problems at all with 1.5. There\'s obviously some kind of conflict going on with your box, but without having it in front of me...

    Maybe the file is somehow corrupted. Contact NI for a new copy.


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    Re: 1.5 PC disaster

    Everything else is working fine; Logic, Samplitude, Melodyne, Gigastudio.
    For what it is worth, here are the specs:
    Asus P4B, P4 1.8, 1.5 gig RAM, 2 internal IBM drives, 2 Firewire Maxtor drives, RME Digiface.
    About contacting NI, have you tried contacting them?

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    Re: 1.5 PC disaster

    Jeannot, that is a little bizzare. I have about the same setup as you and 1.5 is working fine over here. Have u gotten a link that will let u DL 1.5 again(maybe something got corrupted on the DL?). Maybe its Samptitude or Logic? Ive heard there are some problems with logic and 1.5. I`m on SX. Rich

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