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Topic: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

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    more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

    i often read in this forum that win2000 can address
    a maximum of 2 gigs of ram.
    i\'m using cubase sx 2 with kontakt with some \"heavy\"
    libraries such as pmi bos 290, siss etc (and i already have 2 gigs of
    dual ddr400).
    having always an eye on the performance tab of the
    task manger i realize the more ram would be very useful.
    i was just wondering if someone is successfully using more
    than 2 gigs with win 2k or xp.
    this \"ram maxmum limit matter\" is not really clear to me yet.

    thankyou in advance for any answer,


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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

    2 GB is the current limit with Kontakt. This is a limitation of the current 32 bit versions of Windows.

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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

    Thankyou for your answer.
    does it mean that with 2 istances of kontakt opened
    i could use more than 2 gigs or 2 gigs is the
    amount for all the kontakt instances and with other
    vsti opened i could anyway go beyond that limit?

    in other words 2 gigs is the global limit for for a project
    in windows?

    thankyou again


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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

    32-bit operating systems can only address/recognize 2 gigs.

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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?


    Those are some interesting information.

    As you have described with the 32 bit apps 2GB Ram is max.

    Based on that statement my mind seems to wonder why the heck do motherboard manufacturers then make motherboards on the 32 bit platform, that can support up to 4 or 6GB ram?

    For instance when you look at the Gigabyte motherboards, some of them have like 6 DIMM slots, and says it can support up to 4GB RAM? But the thing is that they are a 32 bit platform. Such models are the
    Gigabyte GA-8IK1100 or the Gigabyte GA-8KNXP REV 2.0

    The link youcan find here:

    So why do these manufacturers say it can take up to 4GB RAM if it will never be able to run that much on a 32 bit platform? Am I missing something here?
    I tried to look at the possibility of maybe people would use 6 sticks of 256 MB ram to get it cheaper and still have 1536MB ram, but that aint cheaper than getting the 512MB sticks at all.

    Anyone can make sense out of this?

    Please shed some light its dark in here!


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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

    All instances running will get a total of 2 GB of memory.

    Windows can address up to 4 GB of RAM. 2 GB for the kernel (which is where the operating system runs) and 2 GB for programs. Most machines with 4 GB loaded will only show 3.5 GB of RAM though.

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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

    thankyou Haydn for your answers.
    if it\'s like you say then it doesn\'t
    make a big difference if i have more than 2 gigs
    loaded because for what i see (if i saw correct) in my
    system windows alone never uses more than 70 megs
    of ram; with cubase opened i reach a total usage of
    130-140 megs and then when i load kontakt or other
    vsti\'s the problems begin.
    if the total ram amount reserved for all programs is
    2 gigs it means that cubase+kontakt (1 or more istances)
    +other vsti\'s must share this amount.
    i also was wondering why my asus mobo can load up to
    4 gigs of ram.

    thanks again [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

    It makes sense to have more than 2 GB of RAM. If you only have
    2 GB, the operating system and your application/samples need
    to share this. If you have more, the kernel-components of the
    OS can run in their own memory space, leaving more of the
    2GB available for user-mode applications.

    Actually there is an option which can bet set in windows,
    that up to 3GB may be used by applications. In addition
    to this switch (can\'t remember where this needs to be
    toggled), the application needs to specify that it supports
    operation with more than 2 GB. So you\'d need to check
    with Native Instruments, if Kontakt sets this flag - as
    the VSTi is just a DLL, it could also be that the VST-Host
    Kontakt is running in needs to support this flag as well.


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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?

    This is the thread about the 3GB switch for Win XP :
    It then *should* allocate 3GB for user processes (not kernel like Giga),
    so kontakt should see 3 GB.



    Here we run a CAD application on Win XP-PRO,
    which at one moment needs to alocate about 2.5GB .
    The problem was that ALWAYS when the 1.91 GB limit is reached a message about \"Memory Manager - out of storeage..\' appears.

    We bought more RAM (initial was 1.5GB, now is 2G),
    nothing change.

    Finally we find that in fac was a SO limitation.
    By default Windows XP/2k/NT set a limit for the maximum alocated memory per process - 2G.

    On Win XP_Pro/2k we can increase taht limit, maximum 3G.
    all you have to do is to add a \"/3GB\" switch in your boot.ini file (off course you have to have the admin rights).

    Now my boot.ini looke like:

    [boot loader]
    default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\\WINDO WS
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\\WINDOWS=\"Mic rosoft Windows XP Professional\" /fastdetect /3GB

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    Re: more than 2 gigs of ram with kontak?


    If I understand this correctly, You have 2GB ram in your system, and you change your Registry as 3GB or do you have 3GB ram in your system right now with those settings? If one had to put in 4GB ram can you also tweak it like this in the Registry?


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