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Topic: Newbie: CubaseSX vs. Ableton Live ??

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    Newbie: CubaseSX vs. Ableton Live ??

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    I really could use some advice on this...

    I\'m trying to get my foot into some scoring projects, so I have been struggling with SX 1 for a while now, but it all seems so overwhelming...effects, channels, stuff, it is just endless reading and learning. I can get stuff done, but SX seems so endless, that at the time I\'m mastering SX1, version 3 will probably be released.

    Now, how good is Live 3 at working with video? Anybody uses it? I have been thinking of it a bit.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Newbie: CubaseSX vs. Ableton Live ??

    Live is great, but it does not have MIDI. I use it rewired to Logic, either for time stretching or post conform. Logic plays the video and everything stays nicely in sync.

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    Re: Newbie: CubaseSX vs. Ableton Live ??


    If you\'re on a Mac, this ReWire video-player might be useful: http://www.grantedsw.com/revision/

    Best wishes,

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