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Topic: newbie: GS or "real" sampler?

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    newbie: GS or \"real\" sampler?

    As a newbie to sampling I wonder if it would be sufficiant for me to run Gigasampler on a dedicated machine instead of buying me a standalone sampler.

    My only need would be to have access to 1000+ sounds I might like to use during recording, like: basses, piano, strings, etc.



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    Re: newbie: GS or \"real\" sampler?

    Gst is a great replacement for a hardware sampler for at least one good reason:

    Because hardware samplers don\'t stream samples from hard disk their sample sizes are limited to the amount of installed ram - usually no more than 128mb. This in turn limits the level of detail which a developer can achieve on a hardware sampler. Not only do they have to make sure that their sound set doesn\'t use more than 128mb, but generally they have to make their soundsets much smaller than that so that the user can fit more than the one sound into his machine at a time.

    Every sound on Gst is streamed. This means there\'s (practically) no limit to the size of a developer\'s library. That means they can really go for it and reproduce an instrument in much greater detail when they are designing for Gst. For example, just one of Scarbee\'s beautiful basses would require the memory of several hardware samplers. On Gst you just click on its file name, and a few seconds later you have a myriad of playing positions and articulations to choose from. It\'s intuitive and means you get to playing the music much quicker.

    Ask a few developers and they\'ll all tell you that the first problem they have when porting a Gigasampler library to Akai, Emu, Yamaha etc., is deciding what they must leave out of the \'cut down\' version.

    Sure, hardware samplers don\'t put Microsloth between you and the music, and they may have better feature sets in certain specific areas, but I\'m happy to put up with a little tweaking and forego those secondary items in order to get the best instrument reproduction available - which I think is the primary reason behind most people\'s use of a sampler.

    Just my two cents worth

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    Re: newbie: GS or \"real\" sampler?

    Consider this:

    Some of my favorite orchestral patches were about 32 megs each. I could load ONE of these sounds into a Roland S760.

    With the emulator EIV, I could load FOUR of them, MAX!

    With the gigastudio, I can load 64 of them! (IE ALL of them).

    Not to mention the patches now available ever since Giga was released that are 100s of megs large. There\'s no comparison.

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    Re: newbie: GS or \"real\" sampler?

    OK then! Says enough for me I guess.
    thanks very much for responding!

    Now, besides the commercial sample CD\'s, are there any worth visiting sites to obtain free wav/gig files?


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    Re: newbie: GS or \"real\" sampler?

    Try Per Larsen\'s \'Worra\'s Place\'.

    He has a range of user supplied .gigs, some of which are quite nice.

    Generally, you\'ll have a hard time finding free sounds in native .gig format, but remember that there are thousands of soundfont sites out there, and Gst will load those and Akai banks as well.

    It\'s also quite easy to map .wav files to the keyboard and make your own .gigs.

    If you find a format which has sounds you want, but isn\'t a native Gst format, look for conversion programmes like Translator by Rubber Chicken Systems, CDXtract by Bernard Chavonnet, or the Awave utility. One of those should be able to get them into GSt for you.

    Nothing beats a well recorded instrument which is designed to take advantage of Gst in the first place though...

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    Re: newbie: GS or \"real\" sampler?

    Thanks again!

    Guess I\'ll just give it a try!
    I did download some \"free\" gig files from several websites, but after trying to import them to GS I get a message about registering the file before I can use it... is this a normal procedure?

    anyway, I do have Awave. So I might give it a try to download some other formats and convert them to gig format.



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    Re: newbie: GS or \"real\" sampler?

    Please post us your experience with awave once you\'ve tried it. I\'d be interested to know what that program is like!

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    Re: newbie: GS or \"real\" sampler?

    Robert Kral,

    Basically it is a sample translator program like Chicken Systems or CDXtract program. Also, it can reads and processes many instruments, waveforms, collections in batch mode as well. Especially, it can reads and writes giga-sample in compress or uncompress formats, easy-to-use and helpful program. You can visit here for more info. or just try out the shareware program. http://www.fmjsoft.com/

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