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Topic: Program numbers/RAM

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    Program numbers/RAM

    I am a newcomer. Just got my copy of GigaStudio and the GOS (Garettan Strings). Now I try to organize things (But I do have 15 years of experience with Akai samplers). My first problem is that I can not find out how to assign program numbers - and not to let Gigastudio assign them). Ist this possible? If somebody knows, please help me!
    I run GS on a dedicated machine (Pentium 4/1500 with 516MB RAM. But with Garettan\'s strings 512RAM is not enough. I use Windows 98, is it possible to put more RAM in the machine. My computer dealer says it will not work, but it seems to me that I had heard the opposite.

    Any answer will be highly appeciated.


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    Re: Program numbers/RAM

    You can assign patch number and bank number in the GS Editor.

    The maximum RAM is different for each motherboard/chip set. Go to the web site of the motherboard manufacturer for this info. Sometimes a BIOS update will allow you to accommodate more RAM.

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    Re: Program numbers/RAM

    Thank you Bill,I could solve the RAM problem. When putting 2 512 chips in the machine it runs, with 4x256 it does not. Mistery of Computers.

    The other problem seems more stressfull. I can not enter the GS editor. As soon as I try to load a sound in this editor, my machine will crash. It crashes so badly that I have to push the reset button:-(.


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    Re: Program numbers/RAM

    Igor, try a post in the deicated Garritans Orchestral Strings forum. This problem may have to do with the size of the files you\'re editing. If that\'s the case, other GOS users may have encountered and solved it already.

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