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Topic: Is GigaSamplerLE adequate for Gigapiano?

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    Is GigaSamplerLE adequate for Gigapiano?

    I strongly suspect the answer is no, but I\'m new to Giga so I thought I\'d ask those who know better.

    Giga LE polyphony is 48. I\'m assuming that per Gigapiano note that\'s 2 notes for stereo plus 2 more (1 each for pedal up and pedal down). Do layers factor in here? If so, I don\'t even think the full GigaSampler with 64 notes polyphony would be very satisfying.

    I\'d appreciate any comments.


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    Re: Is GigaSamplerLE adequate for Gigapiano?


    Thanks for the reply and info.

    Yes, my style of playing requires a good amount of pedalling- so I guess GigaStudio is the way to go.

    Working the way you are, with separate systems may become necessary for me too once I upgrade to GStudio, but for now I\'ve been able to run GLE along with VST on one machine fairly reliably- it took some tweaking though, I can tell you.

    Thanks for the links to your music too, nice! I especially like \'Tender Heart\'and, in general, your way with a melody and with orchestration. It must not have been easy on your pieces to get everything synchronized- when I get to that point I may ask you for some advice, right now it\'s pretty much piano for me.



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    Re: Is GigaSamplerLE adequate for Gigapiano?

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for listening! What\'s on my Ettienne page is still AO soft sustained strings. I\'ve uploaded a version of Grace using GOS, but I\'m not on MP3.com\'s Premium Artist Service so it may be a week before it shows up.


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    Re: Is GigaSamplerLE adequate for Gigapiano?

    Hi Steve,

    I\'ll be looking for it...


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    Re: Is GigaSamplerLE adequate for Gigapiano?

    I use Giga LE with Logic on two machines. I haven\'t done a lot with Giga Piano. I did a Bach piece without sustain pedal and had no problems with polyphony. I also have GOS and with that it\'s another story, so I just arrange my parts and do each string section separately into a track in Logic. I\'ll probably have to upgrade soon, but have managed to do what I\'ve wanted to so far without upgrading.

    To answer your question; if you\'re going to do anything with significant sustain pedal you\'ll most likely want Giga Studio. Be aware that to get 160 notes of polyphony requires a very capable system.

    What will work best for you will depend on the type of music you produce and the components of your setup. It would be impossible for me to work in just Giga, having a second system for Logic gives me flexibility for work arounds that have made upgrading so far unnecessary. This has allowed me to get a few nice libraries which eventually will necessitate an upgrade. That\'s why I keep saving my pennies.

    I wish you well.

    Steve www.mp3.com/stevechandler
    aka Ettienne www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: Is GigaSamplerLE adequate for Gigapiano?

    RE: Giga Pianos, SamplerLE, & Polyphony.

    I have used GSLE, then GS96, and am now in the final stages of getting GS160 upgrade & 2.2.42 patch to work (I\'m crossing my fingers). LE was scratchy and between
    6 & 12 notes poly with the 4-note Grail (see below).

    I use the Giga Yamaha (2 notes per note) sometimes, or, the Trachtman Steinway on
    occasion. Mostly, I use the 364 Meg HolyGrail Kawai. Its sympathetic resonance
    gobbles 4 notes per note on sustain, and
    briefly shows a useage of 8 notes on release.
    Thus, best poly under GS96 was 24-notes,
    and should be 40-notes in GS160. The Yamaha
    will of course be 80 poly. Maybe Q-Up can
    purchase rights to use the Padua research on sympathetics, as it appears to be different and not be a poly pig. (See GeneralMusic & Viscount-Oberheim).

    I use a lot of pedal, and lush jazz ballad
    phrasing. I rarely use Giga for much else.
    If Q-Up Arts does up another Grail, and decides to put 6 sympathetics in each note,
    we are going to need a GS320, or, split the
    keyboard and run identical pianos off 2

    I love Giga, and will continue to use it for layering, but I am generally so sick of all this technical problems crap (my 88-note controller is falling apart after only 5-years of gentile home use, to name but one hassle out of dozens), that I went out today and bought a 76-year old 56\" upright piano! (It needs work - it was cheap, & came with a 5-year warranty - but, it is in excellent tech. shape). I plan to mic & reverb it, put an entry-level midi strip & box in it, run the midi through my Peavey C8p to access more curves, layers etc. and layer
    these lush real strings with Giga. At least too, I can look forward to listening to old-growth mahogany and tight-grain spruce resonanting - along with obscene amounts of
    real acoustic sympathetic resonance (helps when composing inner voicings)..

    Hope this helps! Happy Music! -Stories.

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