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Topic: New WIP: "Big Lights" (something different)

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    New WIP: \"Big Lights\" (something different)

    New Work In Progress: \"Big Lights\" by Darryl Kinley and Alan Lastufka

    This is a little different than the stuff I usually have for you guys to hear...

    And Darryl should be on here too soon guys, he\'s the one I\'ve been working on the rock opera with, he\'s just having troubles registering (hasn\'t recieved confirmation e-mail yet Mark...)

    It will soon have percussion and vox, but this is what we\'ve laid down so far:


    The piano is GPO\'s with a bit of EQ\'ing to give it more of a pop flavor. The bass is a free-be, as is the guitar, but the guitar I re-amped thru a JCM900 head to give it a more authentic distortion. The synth at the end is the \"Crazy Diamond\" synth and is supposed to recreate the Floyd sound.

    We\'re thinking the guitar might get changed to woodwinds on the verses and strings on the chorus to take some of the \"grit\" out of it.

    But that\'ll change once the Jazz pack comes out as it might sound great as a screatchy sax solo...

    Either way, let us know what you guys think...? We\'re open to suggestions...

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    Re: New WIP: \"Big Lights\" (something different)

    If you would ever like some electric lead guitar for your rock opera (not too virtuosic but no newbie either) let me know.

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    Re: New WIP: \"Big Lights\" (something different)

    Thanks for the offer Rageangel,

    Do you have a demo of any of your work?

    We currently are being assissted by Rebecca Siler (that\'s right, Ms. DIVA herself, she\'s University of Delaware\'s voice professor) with some of the vocal writing, she\'s been a huge help along those lines...

    This track isn\'t from the rock opera, this was just done by me and the guy I\'m writing the opera with, it\'s just one aspect of our music...

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    Re: New WIP: \"Big Lights\" (something different)


    What I would suggest is to have the bass fill in more (double time feel) of the space of the keyboard. (especially at the beginning) The Piano is comping chords that are spacey to my ears. (This is fine as long as the bass picks up the slack) The guitar is on the right track in the fills. The Piano and the bass could be tighter IMHO. It gets a bit exciting when the 1/4 notes come in and then it retreats to the 1/2 note chords or abouts of the piano.
    In other words firm up the foundation and the suggested voices you intend to use will have their support. I look foward in hearing what you\'ll do.

    Alan Russell

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