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Topic: Mac OS 9 RTAS support

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    Mac OS 9 RTAS support

    Are there plans for Mac OS9 RTAS support or is \"direct connect\" the only option for using Kontakt in Mac OS 9 with ProTools? What about Kompakt - can one use Kompakt with direct connect in OS9?


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    Re: Mac OS 9 RTAS support

    Hi Steve,

    as OS-9 is slowly being replaced by OS-X, we decided not to support OS-9 for long anymore.
    Development on OS-9 is much more complicated and slows down any other development for Kontakt or Kompakt. Kompakt for OS-X is now in beta test and we hope to release the update soon. As far as I know, there are no plans to support RTAS on OS-9 for Kontakt. Sorry for that. I personally do have an old Mac G4/350 with ProTools and would love to use Kontakt with RTAS but I think there is no other solution even for me than going OS-X.



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    Re: Mac OS 9 RTAS support

    Martin, thanks for the information. I understand that there are no plans for Kontakt support of RTAS on Mac OS9, but will there be a 1.5 update (without RTAS) for Mac OS9?


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