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Topic: Maestro Tool using MOL?

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    Maestro Tool using MOL?

    How is it setup.. I have no sequencer on my GIGA machines so I cant test the Maestro Tools without knowing how to get it to work over MOL

    Any help?

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    Re: Maestro Tool using MOL?

    You won\'t need a sequencer on your giga machine to use MaestroTools. You\'ll have to make a special change to a setting in order to work with MidiOverLan (a peculiarity I\'ve only seen with MOL). I\'m going to assume you\'ve already installed Maple and the MaestroTools plugin.. On your desktop, right click on the Maple icon and choose \"Properties\". In the properties dialog, go to the \"Compatibility\" tab and click on the checkbox (to check it) that says \"Run this program in compatibility mode for:\". Then in the list box directly below, choose \"Windows 2000\". Click the apply button in the lower right of the dialog, and then OK. Users have reported that this change lets Maple see the MOL ports, and that those ports do not appear in Maple\'s Midi Settings unless you make the change. Whenever you want to use MaestroTools, make sure you start Maple from the desktop icon (since you made the changes only to the shortcut on the desktop and not to anything in the start menu).

    After this you should be able to set up Maple to be able to use MOL. Start Maple and choose the menu item of Options | Midi Settings. In the midi settings dialog, choose \"Open midi inputs from midi interface hardware\" and select the Midi Over Lan ports. Then press OK.

    For fairly complete and descriptive help on Maple and setup, you can go to the Help menu item in Maple. When you have a plugin selected (such as Maestro) you can also get help on the plugin. The only thing I\'m aware of that isn\'t covered in the help is this MOL issue which I described above.

    Best wishes-

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    Re: Maestro Tool using MOL?

    Thanks... it now sees teh ports... and now for a really newbie question.. what if I dont have a sustain pedal.. can I simulate one on my keboard? Ive never had a use for a pedal, so ive never given it though...


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    Re: Maestro Tool using MOL?


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