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Topic: GPO Popping noise w/sustain (CC64)

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    GPO Popping noise w/sustain (CC64)

    Hi All,

    When using GPO Flute Solo V w/Finale I\'m getting a pop along with notes when using the sustain pedal in the depressed, or all the way down (127).

    Any ideas??

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    Re: GPO Popping noise w/sustain (CC64)

    Since you say you\'re using Finale, I\'ll assume you are also using GPO Studio for the playback. You\'ll probably need to adjust your settings in GPO Studio to avoid any crackling snaps and pops. The most important thing to try first will be to open Ambience and reduce the CPU/quality setting - for experimentation purposes, take it to zero CPU and see if this fixes the pops, and then raise the quality to whatever extent you can manage without pops.

    The problem may not be Ambience using up a ton of CPU, bu it is the most likely first cause. The other cause is that your audio buffer settings could be too low for your system/sound card to handle. In GPO Studio go to the menu item of Settings | Audio Driver, and choose an ASIO driver (not MME or DirectSound) if at all possible. If you are in Macintosh you could choose either an ASIO or CoreAudio driver type. Now go to the Settings | Preference menu item, and set the buffer size at 512 and MAKE SURE you also click on the ASIO control panel (if you are using ASIO) and set the buffer size in the ASIO control panel also to 512. 512 will give you a latency of 12 milliseconds, which is not too bad, and more importantly it tends to be fairly easy on your system. You can lowers the buffer size to 256 or lower, according to what your system can handle, but 512 will be a good starting point. Do make sure you match the buffer sizes in the GPO Studio preferences and in your ASIO control panel, regardless of what buffer size you choose. Hope this helps [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO Popping noise w/sustain (CC64)

    Thanks for the reply!!

    Ok, so I set the ASIO to 512 in GPO and in the ASIO control panel, which is M-Audio...I have an audiophile card. Then I took the CPU on the Ambience down to 0. The poping noise was the same.

    I\'ll do a test and see if I get the same pops on another instrument...

    Quick note on hardware:

    Mac powerbook, 1ghz, 768?meg, running Finale
    2 M-Audio USB 4x4s
    PC, P4 3.2, 2gig ram, running GPO...M-Audio audiophile card


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    Re: GPO Popping noise w/sustain (CC64)


    If changing buffer settings doesn’t eliminate the pops try panning the flute to the center using the panning knob in the player. Sometimes, with certain soundcards, this popping problem is related to instruments panned to the left. If panning to the center solves the problem you can assign the flute to an alternate output pair and then pan the instrument back to the desired position using your sequencer’s mixer section. One last thing: Using GPO in the full version of Kontakt does not seem to exhibit the panning problem for some reason – at least not on my system.

    As a last resort you can increase the polyphony setting of the instrument. Try a setting of “6.” I call this solution a last resort because it effectively disables the tongue/slur feature of the instrument which requires a polyphony setting of “1” to function properly.


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    Re: GPO Popping noise w/sustain (CC64)

    So, it seems that the noise had to do with the Ambience but I\'m not sure why...I loaded up a fresh file in GPO and if I used the same hall I still heard noise but it was much less...I chose other halls and had no noise. So I\'ve now picked a hall that I like and have tweeked the Ambience a bit....Seems ok...

    I have a feeling that there is an issue with CC data coming from Finale...I\'ll just have to play with these settings as I work.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: GPO Popping noise w/sustain (CC64)

    Ok, cool...Thanks Tom

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    Re: GPO Popping noise w/sustain (CC64)


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