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Topic: Channel Solution

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    Channel Solution

    I have just started using Gigastudio with Cakewalk Sonar. My main problem is how can I use two or more sounds in one track in Sonar. For example I want to have one track with Violins where I can change from pizzicato to normal or to tremolo sound. I am looking something like the midi patch change event. Is there any solution or do I have to assign each track to a different channel?


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    Re: Channel Solution

    It depends on how the string library’s set up. You’ll send a patch change or a MIDI message for whatever the dimension controller is.

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    Re: Channel Solution

    I am not so experienced in MIDI, so what is the dimension controller? And what about if I want to change a sound from two different libraries?

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    Re: Channel Solution

    You should be able to change to any sound you have loaded in Giga in the one track in Cakewalk. To change programs: Make sure track you want to change programs in is highlighted in the track view. Go into piano roll view and move cursor to the place you want to place your program change. Click on Insert, Bank/Patch Change and then select the patch you need. You may need to check in Giga to see what program to use. Also, you may want to setup an instrument definition for Giga Channels using Tools, Instruments. Assign the Generic (Patches 0...127) to the Giga Port and channels. That way the patch/instrument numbers are the same because Giga and Cakewalk. Hope this helps.

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