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Topic: EXS24 Disc Streaming - Maybe, Maybe Not!

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    EXS24 Disc Streaming - Maybe, Maybe Not!

    This evening I attended an Emagic Logic 5 & Logic Control preview tour clinic. Being a Logic Audio user, my main interest was in the EXS24 sample player and it\'s hard disk sample streaming capabilities. The EXS24 was demoed but the disk streaming wasn\'t ever mentioned. I posed several questions about it but got vague, evasive answers and a quick change of topic. I tried to corner the clinician afterwards and got nothing more out of him than, \"there\'s a lot of controversy about this in the industry\". Huh? I wouldn\'t sell off your Giga just yet.

    The EXS24 is very impressive, the integration with Logic (audio editor and sequencer) is fast, slick and very powerful. Anybody looking for a used K2000 and/or e6400?

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    Re: EXS24 Disc Streaming - Maybe, Maybe Not!

    I thought Giga/Nemysis owned the patent on disk streaming technology.Then I hear Halion has it.I guess there is a lot of controversy here.All I know is that I use Giga,my brother uses Halion.He seems to eat up recources(ram cpu ect.) a lot faster than I do,but to be fair he also uses a lot of VSTi.I guess the best thing would be to have everything seperated as much as possible (VSTi/Sampling/plugins via UAD/dual processor ect.).

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    Re: EXS24 Disc Streaming - Maybe, Maybe Not!

    Conexant owns the patent for the Endless Wave technology. Nemesys has an exclusive license from them for use of this patent in a musical intrument. Most countries in the European Union do not consider software patents to be legally valid patents, however they do seem to accept the validity of U.S. patents regardless of the status it would be afforded under their own laws. My guess is that there are some companies in the Euroupean Union (not necessarily the ones described above) who doesn\'t have a license agreement with Conexant for the use of the Endless Wave technology, and are using that technology in a product. They may be betting on the possibility that if this patent violation is contested in a court of law in their own country, it will be declared invalid. Of course, this is all complete conjecture and is not intended to be taken as fact, your mileage may vary, etc. . . .

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    Re: EXS24 Disc Streaming - Maybe, Maybe Not!

    I found out today that this is a legal issue. Apparently there is some legal proceeding underway, which is the reason for the delay in the EXS24 disk streaming. I would imagine Steinberg would probably get dragged into this as well, if they\'re not already.

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