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Topic: new piece called rainFight

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    new piece called rainFight

    I just finished a piece that I scored to picture here\'s the music. The picture link is in the sample forum.

    Always open to critique.


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    Re: new piece called rainFight

    Hi Ron,

    Excellent writing and arranging. For those who want to view the movie, here is a link:

    I thought the music fit the movie perfectly. Ron, you\'re putting out some terrific music.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: new piece called rainFight

    Hello Ron,
    I just watched the movie and I am very impressed. I especially liked the part where the fighting scene starts, your timing is dead on, amazing. I do not have any specific points of critique, if anything, I would make the music during the chase scene in the beginning a bit faster and more threatening.

    Great stuff!


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    Re: new piece called rainFight

    I can\'t seem to get the movie to play. It downloads fine, but Quicktime won\'t play it and neither will Vegas Video.

    Any ideas?

    -- Martin

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    Re: new piece called rainFight

    Probably a QT update thing.

    I used an mpeg codec. Sorry.

    Or, if you just tried it, I was updating it. I found a cymbal roll that had moved during another edit.

    Please try again.

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    Re: new piece called rainFight

    Thanks, Gary. I practice regularly with an entire orchestra at my disposal.

    I\'ve been wanting to do this for 25 years.

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    Re: new piece called rainFight


    I just downloaded again and am having the same problem. I even bought the mpeg extensions for Quicktime Pro and it still won\'t play. It gives me an error message that it can\'t find rainFlight3.m4a. The file is named rainFlightV3.mov.

    Are you playing on a PC or Mac? I\'m on a Dell PC running W2K.

    BTW, I tried it in Media Player, Quicktime Pro with mpeg extensions, Adobe Premiere, Vegas Video, and Mediacruise from Canopus. I get the same error with all of them except Vegas which just locks up.

    -- Martin

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    Re: new piece called rainFight

    Great stuff Ron....


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    Re: new piece called rainFight

    I re-encoded it with an mp3 audio portion. It had an AAC audio portion.

    But I\'m pretty sure Gary is on a PC. And Hardy is on a PC (I think) and was having problems with a QT the other day. But it seems as though he can see it now.

    Sorry, I never answered your first question. I am on a Mac.

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    Re: new piece called rainFight

    That was awesome! So what happened next? Excellent work. Bravo.

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