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Topic: Multiple HDD question

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    Multiple HDD question


    For my new PC it looks like I\'m only going to be able to afford to buy one 10,000 RPM drive and one 7,200 RPM, as opposed to both 10k. My question is this: will I get better performance by letting the samples stream from the 10k one, and leaving everything else on the other drive, or should I be using the 10k drive for the software functions and leaving the other one for the samples?


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    Re: Multiple HDD question

    Hi Alex, I would put all your programs on the system HD (7200) and YES, all your samples on the (10, 000) HD which I think your talking a sata HD?. This is the ideal choice. I\'m saving to do the same. What size is your System HD?.

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    Re: Multiple HDD question

    The 7.2k HD is 160 GB, the 10k HD is one of the 76 GB Raptors. At the rate I\'m going, by the time I have enough samples to use up the 76 GB, I\'ll probably have already been able to buy another one for a RAID configuration anyways. Both drives are SATA.

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