I just recently got Halion and decided to do a polyphony comparision between the two programs.

I took a midi that I had done in Giga that pushed Giga to the max (160 notes). Once you reach the max in giga you start to get popping in the audio.

I then loaded the midi file in Cubase and loaded one Halion with the same instruments that were on giga.

I moved the polphony slider all the way to 256 and it easily played all the notes without choking.

I then decided to copy my midi channels and add another instance of Halion with 16 more midi channels. This pushed the CPU meter to around 90% and I had a few glitches.

However it is important to note that I was probably in the neighborhood of 400-500 notes of polyphony!

It will be interesting to see if when giga increases the amount of polyphony if it will get the same performance.

My system:

1.2 ghz Athlon
768 megs of RAM
pulling off a 18 gig SCSI 160