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Topic: Kindly Help My Decision Process?

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    Kindly Help My Decision Process?

    Finally entering into the sample world wholeheartedly, and would like to rid myself of hardware samplers/sound modules.
    I am trying to make a decision on which string library/full orchestra to purchase.
    Narrowed it down to VSL Opus 1, Sonic Implants, EW/QL SO (Silver or Gold), would even consider Advanced Orchestra set Extended by Peter Siedlaczek, GPO, and poss open to others.
    I am a film composer who doesn\'t usually need to produce a finished product from my rig, since I usually have the luxury and desire to use real players, but I need eminently satisfying sounds for inspiration as well as for doing great sounding mock-ups for directors and producers. What is also important to me is that I can accomplish this with a minimum of fuss and tweaking, relatively speaking. (Simple, easy and good, impossible?)
    I have read many posts from different areas and there seems to be problems with most, ie:compatibility, bugs, system capacities etc.
    My system:
    MAC G4 Dual 1.25g, 1g RAM (can upgrade to 2g), 2 int HD\'s, 1 firewire HD, MOTU 2408 mkII & MIDI Timepiece, Logic Pro/EXS24 mkII.
    I also need to have the same system running on a powerbook G4 w/similar config.

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    Re: Kindly Help My Decision Process?

    If you don\'t want fuss, and you\'re not critical about pulling off total realism, you might like GPO, simply because it\'s soooooooooo easy to use. You could probably get more realism out of EWSO, and if it runs with Kompakt (I think it does) it would be almost as easy to use as GPO. With any of the big libraries you\'re going to have to expect to load most articulations to their own channels, or deal with key-switching (changing articulations by designating certain keys on your controller to switch between articulations). If that already seems too involved, I\'d just get GPO.

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    Re: Kindly Help My Decision Process?

    Not afraid of some involvement if its consistent and not too terribly time consuming. I have heard of problems with Kontakt and Kompakt and Logic/exs24 that haven\'t been resolved as of yet

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    Re: Kindly Help My Decision Process?

    My situation is pretty similar to yours in that I mostly use musicians rather than samples at the recording stage. For this reason, I bought the EWQLSO silver/gold set because they are so very easy to use. I\'ve used most of the main libraries but they\'ve all tended to require multiple (giga) machines and a lot fiddling when mixing. The EW orchestra has been blissfully easy to use and I\'ve been able to mock-up scores in an hour or two for demonstration - something that used to take a lot longer. The sound of Gold in particular is fantastic straight out of the box and works nicely as a vsti. Its also more than capable of handling many different styles with ease - something that I was originally led to believe it can\'t do (there used to be much talk of it only being able to handle the bold \'Hollywood\' style music, which really is not true).

    Problem for you with this is that I gather there are currently numerous problems with EWQLSO and the Logic/Mac set-up which have yet to be resolved. Shame, as I think it might have been what you\'re looking for. Good idea might be to get in touch with one of the main guys over in the Eastwest forum and address them directly.

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    Re: Kindly Help My Decision Process?

    Thanks Trev. One thing that I would like to avoid is having a Ram only memory hog like Kontakt (the lite version that comes with EWQL SO). I know I could get the full version to get around that, but I\'d rather spend the money on more samples.

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    Re: Kindly Help My Decision Process?

    Your best bet might be the VSL Opus1 in EXS24 format, which is incredibly realistic and shouldn\'t cause problems. You might need to supplement it a bit with other libraries like the blisteringly good SAM brass (now, thankfully, multi-format so I can use it again!) or westgate woodwinds to beef it up a bit but VSL has to be the most ground breaking of all the libraries and will probably serve you well for ages yet.

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    Re: Kindly Help My Decision Process?

    I seem to be gravitating toward VSL Opus 1. My fear is that I can\'t seem to get info on ease of use. I\'ve heard their larger VSL has a somewhat steeper learning curve than I\'d like, I wonder if Opus is alike. One other nit-pick is that neither Opus 1 or EWQLSO seem to have a full string section samples (vln,vla,c,cb) as one preset for super-fast spur-of-the-moment inspiration jot down, or am I mistaken, or is that too nit-picky?!

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    Re: Kindly Help My Decision Process?

    The latest version of Gold has a range of Large string section patches mapped right across the keyboard which will work well for just for that purpose. Not just standard legato, pizz and stacc but also in-between extras like the lovely expr legato. I\'m guessing the next (and about to appear) silver update will have a similar set.

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