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Topic: pro opinions on NFX reverb quality?

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    pro opinions on NFX reverb quality?

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering what the consensus opinion was on the built-in NFX reverb; I\'m a newbie and I usually choose from the presets, but they seem a bit limited to me. Would I be better off exporting my track to a wav file and then using Sonic Foundry Vegas\' (and Sound Forge) reverbs for more options?

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    Re: pro opinions on NFX reverb quality?

    It´s funny that reviews are raving and praising about NFX reverb, but here you can
    only find disappinted feelings, you read how
    awful they are! My feeling is that every reviewer can\'t be fool, drunken, deaf or otherways partial or corrupted!!!
    Better than many I\'ll know, no latency at all. Is there anybody else satisfied with
    Nemesys NFX effects?
    Chorus and Delay are also very usable.

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    Re: pro opinions on NFX reverb quality?

    in comparison with mid-priced lexicon hardware modules, the verbs easily hold their own. the delays sound nice, but are not as user friendle as an eventide or the like.

    the problem withe the NFX is the buggy software (doesn\'t hold patches.)

    the convenience of built in fx, saved with a performance is fantastic. hopefully thy\'ll improve the bugs.

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    Re: pro opinions on NFX reverb quality?

    NFX verb is certainly the best no latency reverb using only 5% CPU. The smoothness of it was tweaked using very harsh and bright instruments like snare drums until the tail was as smooth as can be with out any filtering. It seems to hold its own to me in side by side comparisons of any plugin reverb and like the earlier post mentioned, seems to be in a mid level Lexicon range.
    Have fun

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