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Topic: Gigastudio with Sound Forge

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    Re: Gigastudio with Sound Forge

    Thanks alot Lucas.

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    Gigastudio with Sound Forge

    Is anyone using these two. I am using an external sequencer with GS. Can I record to Sound Forge in real time. If so, how. If not how can I get my mixes to Sound Forge. Save them as a wave file? How would I do this. Thanks.

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    Re: Gigastudio with Sound Forge

    You can use both in two ways;

    If you have more than 1 sound card or a multi-client sound card you can record Giga to Sound Forge in real time; you must set Giga and Sound Forge to different drivers

    You can do it with a single sound card by using audio capture in Giga. This saves your track as a wave file which you can then open in Sound Forge.

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