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Topic: The demands of software on hardware - Please help!

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    The demands of software on hardware - Please help!


    Sorry if this seems OT but it definately relates to me getting the best performance with a hardware system. I am currently eyeing out some sample libraries or Virtual Instruments (Not much live recording)

    I dont know if this is touching on old territory, but I am having a heck of a time, trying to plan out what computer system I will need to make my virtual instruments function well. ( I am looking at Silver)

    After checking my budget, I have $1400 available to build a computer system to run many VSTI\'s and Giga 3 later with rewire.

    I have been eyeing out the Athlon 64, But my head is going back and forth on what to get? Do I spend all my money on one system Athlon 64? Or can I build two systems if I build it myself? What route do I take?

    All I want to do is make music, yet I dont know how to approach this.

    Can ayone help me shop or make recommendations on what system will work for running many VSTI and Giga3 coming up?

    Excuse me for the long post, but I need direction. I just need to commit, but wonder if someone could be so kind to give recommendations on what you would do with $1400 for hardware (Soundcard I already have- RME Multiface).

    Please shed some light its dark in here!


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    Re: The demands of software on hardware - Please help!

    Well, if you\'re wanting to run many VSTIs, you should get a fast processor. I\'ve heard you\'ll get better performance with a Pentuim chip, and that\'s what I have (2.8 GHZ), but I don\'t know if that\'s true. Also, you\'ll need a good ammount of RAM if you want to run big samples in the future (1 Gig would work very well). You should also have good hard drive. I\'ve got a Seagate Serial ATA 80 gig and it works great!

    You should check out this place: http://www.pugetsystems.com/ They build custom computers, and they do it very well. I just bought one 6 months ago, and it\'s fantastic. Either that, or you can buy all the parts and build one. I wouldn\'t recommend getting an \'off the shelf\' computer because you can get so much more for so much less if you build one yourself.

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    Re: The demands of software on hardware - Please help!

    Anyone else with ideas?

    What systems can I build for a good price? What do you have thats working great with many VSTI\'s? Motherboard etc.

    How would you approach this, if you had to spend the money?

    I would greatly appreciate this.


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