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Topic: editing compressed samples

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    editing compressed samples

    I\'m wanting to edit some gigasampler compressed wave files (wa!). I downloaded the shareware version of Awave Studio which is able to read the wa! files, but doesn\'t seem to be able to save them back into this compressed format. Does anyone know whether this program (or any other) can actually save back into the wa! format.

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    Re: editing compressed samples

    I\'ve emailed support at fmjsoftware and they\'re considering adding support for exporting to .wa! files but are making no promises.
    What about the the compression program/algorithm used on the big piano libraries like the East West Steinway B, or the Malmsjo Grand. Is this available?

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    Re: editing compressed samples

    No it can\'t. I\'ve asked the author if he would implement that feature in a future version and he replied that he didn\'t think there was enough people who wanted it for him to put it in. So chime in with your request. He responds quickly to registered users and is more likely to add features at the request of registered users than nonregistered ones.

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    Re: editing compressed samples

    From what I understand, Nemesys makes available to legitimate sample developers a special utility to compress WAV files into GS\' proprietary format. You apparently have to sign away your firstborn to get a hold of it though.

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    Re: editing compressed samples

    That is quite funny, since there are quite a number of such formats out there already, and the theory is well understood, so there is not so much reason to keep it proprietary.

    I suppose this is all in the name of keeping other nasty sampler apps from being able to load the proprietary format - unfortunately it also hampers legitimate research.

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    Re: editing compressed samples

    FMJSoft just released Awave Studio 8.0 -- it now supports writing compressed .GIG files! Yay!

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    Re: editing compressed samples

    Now we\'re getting somewhere!

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