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Topic: Very basic editing question about voices

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    Very basic editing question about voices

    I just loaded a giga drum kit. Now when I hit a ride cymbal 10 times fast it uses 10 voices, to me this seems like the sonic equivalent of hitting 10 ride cymbals one time and listening to them all ring out. What I\'m after is the sound of hitting one ride cymbal 10 times. I assume this would cause giga to use only one voice. I\'m also assuming that in order to do this I need to tell the insterment/sample to cutoff if it is hit again before it finishes ringing out, but I don\'t know how to do this.

    Is this sonically correct? and if so how can I tell a sample to interrupt itself and start over if it\'s hit again before it is finished playing out? Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Re: Very basic editing question about voices

    You don\'t really want the cymbal to cut itself off for each hit, since that\'s not a true model of the acoustic behavior. There would always be some buildup.

    If you are adept at the Giga editor, you can add the \"self mask\" feature to the ride cymbal. This will give a more true buildup, while also saving polyphony.

    If you do a search on \"self mask\" I\'ll bet it has been explained and how-to\'ed on the forum already. It\'s not hard to do.

    But either way, you\'re better off acoustically letting the cymbals build up than just cutting them off. For instance, if you hit a ride cymbal really hard, then followed it with a very soft hit, you would still be hearing the hard hit ringing through. That\'s how they behave.

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    Re: Very basic editing question about voices

    Thanks for the response! I suspected that was the case because it sounded right to my ear, but not being a drummer and being a new Gigasampler user I thought I may have had my drum interments setup wrong because they used up all my voices. I only have GigaStudio 32, but I see I will have to upgrade when version 3.0 comes out.

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