Please, anyone who can help me, I cannot solve this problem, and can\'t use
my sequencer as it is now...

I have:

dell -- 933 mhz pentium 3
Windows ME
aardvark Direct Pro 24/96

I was prviously using Cubase VST 3.7 in combination with gigastudio and
everything worked fine. Then updated to cubase 5.1. Now, after about 3 or
4 minutes into play or recording, system locks up, the sound goes into a
wierd loop that slows down until it stops entirely, then the system seems
\"almost\" frozen -- that is, moving the mouse produces a tiny bit of
response, but only after about 5 minutes. No response from computer to shut
down program or do anything -- forced to do a hard reboot.

This is true whether I am using 1 gigastudio instrument or 10.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance