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Topic: GPO vs EW/QLSO silver

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    GPO vs EW/QLSO silver

    Does anyone have an opinion on witch one should I buy.
    I think those EW demos are more present than GPO, but is it so.
    How about articulations.
    Are there any other full symphony orchestra collections around/under 300 € that should be concidered.

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    Re: GPO vs EW/QLSO silver

    There are no other under $300 libraries available that are as organized and complete as either Silver or GPO. We happen to be a dealer for GPO and have an excellent price for it on special should you decide in that direction. Please see below:


    Overall, I think GPO\'s strengths are:

    1. consistentcy of articlucalations for each section
    2. the ability to \"create your own\" sized section, which no other library, regardless of size or cost, has at this time.
    3. GPO is also expanding libraries by various styles
    4. The orchestra is pre-panned, and though it lacks ambience, it does come with an excellent reverb.
    5. There are drivers allowing you to use GPO with either Sibelius or Finale.

    This link gives you a list of the articulations and some of the features.

    Also, there\'s a special crossgrade opportunity for all GPO users to crossgrade to VSL\'s Opus 1 should you want to go in that direction.

    We ship all over the world, so please consider us. Thank you!

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    Re: GPO vs EW/QLSO silver

    There is a plethora of posts on this. Use the forum search feature.

    Also, check out the user forums to see what the users have to say and to see the community support of the each library.

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    Re: GPO vs EW/QLSO silver

    Hi phase7. Yes, there have been a lot of discussions about this topic. Each library has its weak and strong points. See for example Jazzbozo\'s impressions in http://www.northernsounds.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB3&Number=81975& amp;Forum=All_Forums&Words=&Searchpage=0&a mp;Limit=25&Main=81964&Search=true&whe re=bodysub&Name=1555&daterange=1&newer val=&newertype=&olderval=&oldertype=&a mp;bodyprev=#Post81975. I already have EWQLSO-Silver and am planning to get GPO as well so I can exploit both of these excellent values.

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