Is anybody here using the GOS Lite library?

I have been using \"The Ultimate String Library\" for awhile now and all my string arrangements sound fine (excluding the terrible looping problems with the violas and so on...) with that library. But I just got the GOS Lite library yesterday and now my arrangements don\'t sound anywhere near as good. Obviously, it\'s not the samples. I\'ve tried using the samples with and without vibrato (and verious combinations), but I haven\'t been able to get that pristine orchestral string sound yet.

I\'m going to keep playing around with voicing and volumes, but in the meantine, does anybody have a MIDI file they\'d like to give me (or just a small part of one) that\'s using GOS Lite? And which patches are the MIDI file is using?

I\'m only looking for slow dramatic string passages (violins I & II, violas, cellos, bass) in the style of a sweeping film score. You can email it to me at mderrico@markderrico.com