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Topic: A simple monitoring question

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    A simple monitoring question

    Could someone help me understand how I\'d monitor my mix with this setup? I\'ve got five computers, one DAW and four computers dedicated to Gigastudio. The four gigacomputers are running Frontier Design Dakota cards and the DAW is running a Dakota with a Montana add on.

    The monitors I\'m using are Mackie HR824\'s.

    Thank you!

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    Re: A simple monitoring question

    Check out your previous thread. I have tried to help you there

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    Re: A simple monitoring question

    Okay, so I understand that I can sync all four cards together via their S/PDIF I/O\'s and the audio is getting back to my DAW via ADAT lightpipe. But I still don\'t see how to get the audio out of my DAW to my Mackie HR824 monitors.

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