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Topic: Still a work in progress but...

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    Still a work in progress but...

    hopefully an improvement over my last attempt at an orchestral mock up...

    This is Peer Gynt (Morning) from Grieg.

    I appreciate any constructive comments/criticism.

    Thanks for listening!


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    Re: Still a work in progress but...

    Hey Dennis, I\'m d/l\'ing now, but I\'m on dial-up and it\'s 5.11MBs so it may be a few before I can get back to you on this, sorry this one slipped by us, I can\'t wait to hear it...

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    Re: Still a work in progress but...

    Wow, Pianoman!

    I can safely say this mock-up is in the top ten that I\'ve heard here...

    Very nice job, so far Mr. Still a work in progress...

    Very nice string programming right before the 2:00 mark.

    Can you send me the project file (if it\'s SX) or the MIDI file if its not...?

    I would appretiate it.

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    Re: Still a work in progress but...

    Yes! Very nice!

    I\'ve got a lot of learning ahead of me to get that good!

    - m

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    Re: Still a work in progress but...


    It was just perfect listening to this this morning. Peer Gynt is one of my all thime favorites. This rendition is excellent. And just a few things would make this shine even more. Perhaps a little more ambience would improve the mix and I have a number of concert hall impulses you could try.

    Also, could you tell us which sequencer or notation you used and maybe some of the instrumentation. Did you use a Dover score for this?

    It would be great to feature this on the GPO demo page. Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Still a work in progress but...

    I love it! Very smooth and soothing.


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    Re: Still a work in progress but...

    Wow, you guys have overwhelmed me! Thank you for your gracious compliments, they are very welcome after having such a stressful week...

    Gary/Alan - It would be an honor to be on the GPO demo page. I will clean up my files tomorrow and post the Cubase SX project and a new mp3 file.

    I found a midi file for this piece online but I only used that to print out the score, as I really enjoy playing every instrument myself and \"hearing\" the piece come to life, thus learning how the masters create their colors. I have only recently found out about the new revolution in electronic composing. I tried my hand at MIDI about 8 years ago, but was turned off about the quality of the samples. Thanks, Gary, for doing what you do; GPO is a dream come true for me! After I learn to use the tools, I hope to finally realize some of the music I\'ve kept in my head for a long time... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Re: Still a work in progress but...

    Very nice work Pianoman.

    This is indeed a great package for $250. I think the strings are very well presented.

    Thanks for sharing


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    Re: Still a work in progress but...

    Great effort Dennis. There\'s no doubt about it..... GPO really enables great renditions of great classics.....what more can you ask for?

    The use of sounds is hard to criticize. If anything I would say that the piece is very slightly too fast for my taste (it\'s my age!) There are some gaps between notes which could be smoothed out by note overlapping. Are you using a scoring programme or a piano roll sequencer? If this is straight from a scoring programme then I think this is amazing.

    I think the rubatos could be smoother too and more dynamics always helps. Try tapering in the volumes of the strings so that they don\'t hit so hard.

    I feel mean even mentioning these small imperfections as you have really done a great job, but listen to Haydns Beethoven and Duncan Brinsmead\'s Mozart and you\'ll see that you can go even further. You\'ve done the bulk of the work.....a little more would take you to the next level....

    Well done


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    Re: Still a work in progress but...

    Frank - I appreciate your comments, thanks.

    Unfortunately I only had time to do some subtle changes, but here are the files, as promised:

    Updated MP3
    Cubase 1.x File

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