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Topic: I have performed an illegal operation

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    I have performed an illegal operation

    I e-mailed this message to Tascam but have not gotten a response. Can any of you folks help me?

    I have used GS on my present computer with no changes to the system that I am aware of for quite a while with few problems save an occassional crash or two. Lately however, I have been unable to use GS at all.

    I have re-formatted my hard drive, have uninstalled GStudio according to your directions, have re-installed GS, and still have the same problems: 1. When I go to settings/sampler,or click on the \"Help\" area to the left of the main screen, I get \"you have performed an illegal operation\". GSTUDIO caused a general protection fault in module STL50016.DRV at 0007:00000208. Registers:
    EAX=00000000 CS=0367 EIP=00000208 EFLGS=00010202EBX=00000000 SS=3847 ESP=00968b2a EBP=00008b58ECX=00000000 DS=204f ESI=0153f47f FS=11c6 EDX=00000062 ES=207f EDI=0009240a GS=039 Bytes at CS:EIP:
    64 8a 06 83 c7 02 46 8b 2c 85 04 00 00 00 4a 66 Stack dump:
    00008b58 00008b58 004a0062 00020205 01380000 00000062 00000154 0000fff4 00000047 00000111 00000205 8bd00607 05d707c1 38478b9e 0607f6b4 062f3968

    and then of course the program shuts down.

    2. Giga piano is doing the same thing as before I reformatted, etc.. There seems to be latency (a good deal of it between the time I trigger a note and when it sounds, and when I press the sustain pedal, the notes kind of cycle and then fade away.

    Do any of you have any suggestions? I am either ready for a hardware sampler or a good scolding for my ignorance.

    Thank you, Jim McCarthy

    512 Ram
    Cubase VST24
    Delta 1010

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    Re: I have performed an illegal operation

    Right click your desktop and select properties.
    Click the Settings tab.
    Click Advanced.
    Click through the tabs and find the drawbar to adjust your graphics hardware acceleration. Drag it all the way to the left. (None / Off)

    You may have to restart but this should help. An alternate solution is to switch to 16 colors but of course, it doesn\'t look to nice.



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    Re: I have performed an illegal operation

    Thank you Gav,

    Well I was so pessimistic about your advice that I dismissed it out of hand: there are plenty os \"experts\" on the net these days who recommend doing just the opposite of what you had advised.

    But then I thought, what the hell, Ill try it. And was I surprised when it worked.
    Thanks so much.

    I really appreciate it.


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    Re: I have performed an illegal operation

    This error occurs when your graphics card\'s video drivers don\'t much like the \'brush\' that was used to create some of those pages in GigaStudio. Sounds daft but there it is.
    Turning acceleration off instructs Windows NOT to use your graphics card\'s drivers but instead to use Windows drivers to drive the card. Ergo, the problem vanishes.

    Fortunately, you don\'t need GigaStudio to LOOK perfect, it needs only to SOUND perfect.

    Glad you had faith and tried it. There ARE lots of so-called experts floating around. And often, even the advise of experts (who, in fact, really ARE total geniuses) doesn\'t work only because computers are infathomably complex and even the gurus haven\'t encountered EVERY possible situation.
    So, you just keep asking until you come across someone who\'s encountered YOUR particular situation and BINGO: a solution!!!
    Happy sampling!


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