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Topic: Can Gigastudio do the following?

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    Can Gigastudio do the following?

    Is it possible to create an instrument with GigaStudio that has the following features?

    (or do I have to use different MIDIchannels?)

    different articulations (waveforms) of for instance a violin (sustained, pizzicato....)
    are played depending on the position of the ModWheel
    different waveforms being played depending on velocity?

    An example:

    ModWheel: 0
    velocity: 40
    wave played: sutained violin MP

    ModWheel: 50
    velocity: 40
    wave played: tremolo violin MP

    ModWheel: 50
    velocity: 120
    wave played: tremolo violin FF

    In other words: the ModWheel determines the manner of articulation and velocity determines
    its volume.


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    Re: Can Gigastudio do the following?

    Yes, that\'s exactly what the dimensions let you do. Actually what you\'re asking for is about the simplest scenario, you can go much deeper than that, with still more samples selected based on additional criteria.

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