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Topic: HELP: new comp hard disk not known

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    HELP: new comp hard disk not known

    Hi Haydn (Jim) & to all others who might have an idea:

    I am happy so far. The new computer seems to work... & Windows XP Home is installed... BUT: it does not accept the harddrives from the old computer. Not quite right: it accepts them, BUT views them as \"new\" without any files on them... I actually had hoped to save my old files on the new computer but how to do it then...???

    thankx in advance


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    Re: HELP: new comp hard disk not known

    Hi Harry, this has happened to me a few times when I swapped an existing samples drive into XP.

    You need to go to My Computer either on your desktop or; Start> My Computer. Right Click on it and choose; Manage.

    Then run down to Disk Management. This will show you all hard drives in the system. Right-click on the drive in question and choose \"Reactivate Disk\" (or Reactivate Volume) This should bring the drive back online, and you wont loose any data.

    Another option that might appear is; \"Import Foreign Disks\" - its a while since I have done it and cant remember what it asks specifically.

    Just dont choose to format the disk. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: HELP: new comp hard disk not known

    Thanks very much Scott. Good to know for the future. Unfortunately this drive seems to have been formatted before without me realizing it... but a different drive works... lucky enough

    thankx again


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