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Topic: Giga Studio Protection

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    Giga Studio Protection

    Is it still the bad old princip used ?

    I consider gigastudio but I need to be
    able to install again and again as I
    always improve My hardware and OS

    I don´t want giga if I have to register
    or ask for new kodes etc every time

    how is it in details, where is a precise
    description ?

    Best Regards


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    Re: Giga Studio Protection

    Hi HM

    There seems to be no need to worry. This originally concerned me too, but I\'ve rebuilt several times and re-registered when I\'ve reinstalled GS (160). The return email is generated almost immediately so you get your install code and just go right ahead. As far as I\'m aware there is no limit on the number of times you install, unless anyone knows different.

    Still, it does seem strange; I can\'t see how that helps to prevent piracy for GS... not my problem, I guess!

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    Re: Giga Studio Protection

    Thanks for the reply, let´s hope
    for the better, tascam wants to
    change this i hope.


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