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Topic: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

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    Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    Friends -

    I need strong feedback from all and any who can help guide me in choosing to shift from Mac to PC Finale formats for the sole purpose of accessing the tremendous sound processing abilities of GigaSampler (only available in PC); it seems this would relieve me - an old fashioned orchestral composer - from the need to purchase and endlessly reload these beautiful Miroslav Vitous orchestral libraries day in and day out, and also enable me to access 64 MIDI tracks without needing a single hardware sampler.

    My only remaining option is to purchase one or more K2500\'s in order to achieve 64 MIDI tracks from four separate modules - one of which needs to be an Akai no less - due to Spectrasonic\'s fine \'Symphony of Voices\' choral CD no longer being available in Kurzweil format.

    Sweetwater recommends a Del computer, with at least 512 to one gig.

    1) Is the PC Finale world really that difficult to function in?
    2) Does GigaSampler actually deliver quickly and reliably?
    3) Is there something else I should know?

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    I\'m going to focus on question number 1 since that\'s what I\'m best qualified to answer.

    Finale for PC is a bit better than Finale for Mac. There are a few things that aren\'t available on the Mac due to shortcomings of the Mac OS (and a one button mouse if you haven\'t invested in a better one). But if you are going to have 2 computers, then it will be best to run Finale and any other sequencers on one computer and GigaStudio on the other. This will give you higher polyphony and create fewer opportunities for software/hardware conflicts. Also be sure to ask the computer manufacturer which programs you don\'t really need running in the background. This will contribute to a much cleaner environment for GigaStudio.

    Many people spend thousands of dollars building the ultimate PC for GigaStudio. I chose a different approach and instead built several inexpensive ones (about $400-$500 each) for GigaStudio. Each gives me at least 120 notes of polyphony, so I can have close to 400 when I need it. Of course most people want something other than SBLives, so you might need to add a few hundred to that to get the total for a \"professional\" setup.

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    PC has lived up to my worst fears , but unfortunately it\'s the only choice for Gigastudio so I\'ve gone with it on a dedicated system. I\'ll continue to do all my sequencing (and every other computer task) on my Mac(s). Since I only have any experience with Windows \'98, I can only say that in my humble opinion, it\'s sorely attempting to spire to be a Mac, but misses so deeply....! Something as simple as de-install of a program, on a Mac....mindless operation, on a PC it\'s a nightmare of codes, etc. that seem unbelievable. I was wise, however, to have Soundchaser build my system. I live in a \"constant deadline, no room for error\" environment, and need my stuff working. When I\'ve gotten stuck..and you will too-for sure-you need a friend with fast, accurate answers...Soundchaser has saved me on more than one occasion. By the way, if you think init conflicts, etc are rough on a Mac, you ain\'t seen nothin\' yet. Just read some of these posts on these forums about soundcard conflicts, program conflicts, etc, etc, etc....too many people are in Hell-mode. Bottom line-\"do\" get a Gigastudio.It is totally amazing and will change your life for the better, but make sure to go for the right stuff. This is not an area to be frugal with regard to Ram, sound cards, drives, etc.. Give yourself the best possible shot, unless you\'re just a hobbyist having some fun. This PC thing isn\'t very forgiving. Call the pros to put it together for you. I\'m getting around pretty well on Giga, but I\'m (unlike on Mac) extremely careful to only touch what I really know about. To prove my point......look around at some of the system stuff on a PC, then go and get a degree from MIT and by the time you really know what you\'re looking at, you\'ll probably have forgotten all the music you once knew. I know I sound jaded, and I apologize for that, but the Mac world is just way too smooth in comparison. Best of luck and if you do it right, you\'ll never go back to a hardware sampler again!

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    Whatever you do,DO NOT,I repeat DO NOT get an off the shelf PC like Dell/Gateway ect. Either get one built or build it yourself(easy).If you build it yourself get a proven board like Asus and avoid Via chipsets,rather go with something like the AMD 761 chipset.Iv\'e built 4 and if I went through anything even remotely alluded to in the last post I wouldn\'t be using it,neither would any sountrack pro\'s in Hollywood.Also I would wait for the next version of Giga which should be XP ready.XP is the most solid MS OS to date.You don\'t need a science degree to have a sucsessful Pc/Giga setup,just careful purchases and smart optomization.

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    Forget the Asus board, we\'ve had nothing but problems with those mainboards, and their RMA department is about 2 months behind schedule. I\'ve got a Tyan S2390B motherboard, with a *VIA* KT133A chipset, and it runs GS beautifully. I\'ve got a 1.4GHZ Athlon in it, with a GB of RAM, and it flies. I get 160 Voices without a single problem, and I just installed a Creative SB Audigy card. I was *quite* pleased to learn that my SB Live Drive plugs right into the Audigy and works. I\'ve got the Live Drive II, which has full-sized midi ports, real nice to have those on the front of the computer. Since I\'m planning on using this computer exclusively for GS, I put my Echo Layla into my Win2K box for recording, and I\'ll just network the WAV files I make on the 98 box to the 2K one. Can\'t wait to hook up the dual display, so I can have the GS Editor open in a full screen next to GS.

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    Oh yeah, the response before mine mentioned that he built 4 PC\'s. I build computers for a living. I built 2 yesterday.

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    Ok, last response from me in this topic, I swear!

    (The prices might be higher or lower in some cases, I\'m taking an average. NEVER forget shipping charges if you\'re ordering everything from the internet, a LOT of companies on Pricewatch rip you off.)

    Enlight 7237 ATX Case $ 60
    Tyan S2390B Motherboard $100
    AMD Athlon 1.4GHZ $125
    Grade A 512MB PC133 SDRAM $ 60
    Seagate 20GB 7200 ATA100 $100
    Seagate 40GB 7200 ATA100 $125
    3.5\" Floppy $ 15
    Heatsink/Extra fans $ 20
    48X CD-ROM $ 35
    Decent 32MB AGP Video $ 80
    SB Audigy OEM $ 75

    That\'s a basic killer system, it\'ll do most of what you want it to, for $795. You can save more if you go with a smaller secondary drive, or a slower CPU (You can probably get an Athlon 900 for $50 less), a cheap AGP card ($50 less), a cheap ATX case ($25 less). The SB Audigy has a firewire port on it, if you\'ve got a firewire port on your Mac, you could transfer .wav files over.

    Good luck, and welcome to GS!

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    Greetings -

    And sorry for the bum prior post.

    You folks have restored my faith in humanity! In one night, through your willing counsel, I\'ve picked up what I imagine will be invaluable guidance in this - ofr me - no man\'s land.

    Now I need to restore my faith in my ability to somehow do this right. (My techno-guru has virtually threatened divorce should I change formats. . .)

    Many thanks,


    [This message has been edited by Joseph Marchello (edited 10-09-2001).]

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    #1-I am a \"Hollywood Pro\", (sorry to sink to this level)
    #2- (then I\'ll start work) Just check out the 3 posts after my first one, then you decide if my asssesment regarding confusion, loads of disagreements, problems, etc aren\'t rampant among the users?

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    Re: Shifting from Mac to PC for Giga

    It\'s funny but i\'ve had LOTS of problem with the Tyan board ( 2390B ). I recently switched to an Asus AV7133 and life is beatiful again.
    The Tyan boards are great for servers but for video/music/multimedia, it still won\'t pass our torture test. The Asus also seems to be compatible with a much wider selection of professional soundcard.

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