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Topic: Very basic Audigy midi device question

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    Very basic Audigy midi device question

    I have an Audigy 1 soundcard. I see however that programs that play midi give me a choice of \"devices\" associated with this card to choose from: \"Synth A\", \"Synth B\", and \"SW Synth\", as well as a choice for \"Microsoft SW Synth\" (or something like that).

    What\'s the difference among these? What should I pick? Please don\'t just say \"it depends on what you want to do\", please tell me what the issues are.

    Midi newbie,

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    Re: Very basic Audigy midi device question

    Synth A and B is a hardware MIDI synthesis (which uses soundfonts), while SW synth is a software synth. This one works even when there are no soundfonts loaded up in the memory, but sounds much, much worse than hardware synth.
    As for the Microsoft SW synth, I\'m not sure; might be your on-board soundcard or perhaps it\'s just a MIDI mapper disguised [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    What you should pick: certainly the hardware synth (A is MIDI Port 1, B is MIDI Port 2, each port has 16 channels, as a result you have 32 hardware MIDI channels). Make sure you have a soundfont bank loaded in the system RAM (there should be a soundfont manager installed somewhere)

    Basically there are three GM banks, one 2MB in size, second 4 and third 8MB. The bigger the better (ahem).

    But you can download some even bigger and better soundfonts off the Internet. Check these sites:


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