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Topic: The best DVD-RW

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    The best DVD-RW

    I\'m looking for a DVD-RW. Can someone recommend me a good one?

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    Re: The best DVD-RW

    I just bought the Sony one..Its really great. The software that comes with it is really easy. I`m usually a Pioneer/Nero fan but i was having some problems with a pioneer DVD-rom that wouldnt read certain DVD `s that were burn on macs. The more expensive Sony has no problems so far..Rich

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    Re: The best DVD-RW

    I\'ve purchased the LG GSA-4040B. Does anyone else have this one too?

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    Re: The best DVD-RW

    The DVD writers on PowerMacs are also Pioneer brands.

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    Re: The best DVD-RW

    Whatever burner you get, make sure it\'s a -R/RW and +R/RW, so that you\'ll be compatable with just about anyone. I believe the Sony is a dual burner, as are a few others.

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    Re: The best DVD-RW


    for the price and 8x speed it\'s worth it..


    Alan Russell

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    Re: The best DVD-RW

    Wow, is up to 8x`s ,inexpensively ALREADY!! The best piece of advice ive gotten about computers is...If u dont need it right away, wait, cause the price will drop in half by the time you do..Rich

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