Any ideas on this? I want to use my Sony Vaio
laptop with the FW-1884 as an audio interface,
but I would also like to control DP on my G4 Mac with the FW-1884. I\'m already using a MOTUI2408 with DP on the Mac, so I\'m thinking I would just connect via ADAT lightpipe the FW-1884 to the MOTU 2408.

I\'m wondering if I can just use the MIDI portion of the driver for the FW-1884 on the Mac to control DP , while selecting the audio portion of the FW-1884 driver on my PC laptop? In other words , I would install the drivers on both the PC and the Mac.

The other option would be to simply just install the drivers for the FW-1884 on the laptop (PC) and use the MIDI outputs on the FW-1884 into my MOTU midi
interface to control DP that way.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!