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Topic: Multiple ADAT Breakout Box

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    Multiple ADAT Breakout Box

    Is there a stand alone, breakout unit that has the capability of handling multiple (24ch) ADAT inputs from mutiple sources and converting/outputting 2-8 ch of analog?
    More to the point, I currently have an analog mixer and soon, I will potentially have mutiple Sample/audio PC\'s (Kontakt/Giga etc.). If I opt to have digital only cards on the PC systems then I need an analog breakout solution. FX/teleport is not an option as I am a Mac (G4) user. I would prefer not to invest in a digital mixer or an ADAT bridge for my TDM/Mix Plus sys. as I will probably go G5/ native soon. I was hoping for one box handles all 3(or more) card solution.
    John Z.

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    Re: Multiple ADAT Breakout Box


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