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Topic: XP Support Coming in November!

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    XP Support Coming in November!

    Here\'s an email I just received from Nemesys...

    GIGA NEWS: October 5, 2001

    Greetings from Giga Land! There\'s lots to talk about this month, so here we go...

    You’ve been waiting for it…now it’s almost here! In November, registered users will able to download the V2.5 update for GigaStudio 96 and GigaStudio 160. This update provides support for Windows 2000 and XP. To get your free update, visit http://www.nemesysmusic.com in November and click the \"V2.5 Update\" link in the \"News\" area of the front page, or go to the \"Version Updates\" pull-down menu from the main page.

    Win 2000/XP won’t be supported in GigaSampler and GigaSampler LE, but users can take advantage of a very special upgrade offer…50% off regular price…to GigaStudio 96 or 160 between now and Dec. 31st. Please visit http://www.nemesysmusic.com and click on the Special Offer banner for details on this special time-limited offer.

    Upgrading to GigaStudio will provide significant additional power to GigaSampler users:

    - DSP Station: zero latency, 32-bit/32-channel mixing and effects processing with automation
    - QuickSound: Interactive database with ultra fast search/retrieval/audition of sounds
    - Increased compatibility with the latest sound libraries and audio hardware

    Looking for the ultimate sound library of orchestral strings? Gary Garritan’s long-awaited orchestral library is now shipping. This amazing collection is available for a special introductory price of $995 from now through Oct. 31st (regularly $1,395), and can be purchased at http://www.nemesysmusic.com …just use the \"Sound Libraries\" pull-down menu for information on this and all of our great collections of sounds for Giga.

    TASCAM is world renowned for our great online support forums, and the new Giga forum is up and running. Moderators Dave, Allen, Chris and Kevin look forward to hearing from you. You can access the new Giga forum from various links on the NemeSys web site as well as via the TASCAM web site at http://www.tascambbs.com.

    TASCAM’s computer audio guru Dave Casey has written a comprehensive PC audio optimization guide designed to help you configure your PC to get the absolute best performance from GigaStudio. It is available for online viewing or as a downloadable PDF file at http://www.tascam.com/support/faq/pc_optimize/index.cfm.

    That’s right…from now on, you won’t pay any sales tax on orders placed for Giga software and sound libraries from the NemeSys and TASCAM web sites. We want to be sure there’s nothing stopping you from getting into the power of Giga!

    Best Regards,
    The TASCAM GigaSampler/GigaStudio Team

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    Re: XP Support Coming in November!

    Well, it\'s good to have something to look forward to, and to have some sort of date set.

    I can\'t wait to upgrade Gigastudio, because using gigasamples with HALion is pretty much VSTi hell....a memory hog if there ever was one.

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    Re: XP Support Coming in November!

    Well thats cool about the november release , but what day?
    Is it Nov 1rst?

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    Re: XP Support Coming in November!

    I am praying the XP compatible version will be released on Nov 1st, because I can\'t wait to make the switch to XP.
    Also, with the reduction offer on that excellent library for Garritan I am very tempted to dish up the money for that library, even though I am on a low budget.
    By the way, I appreciate the support Tascam is offering to us GS users. Excellent work, thanks!

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    Re: XP Support Coming in November!

    What specific advantages will gigastudio XP have over gigastudio running on 98?

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    Re: XP Support Coming in November!

    Better handling of hardware than 98. Support for more RAM as well as more efficient usage. Personally, I\'d just like to run GS under Win2K, as I\'ve got that system where I want it. My 98 computer runs great, but it\'s still 98.

    Also, with 2K, you don\'t have that garbage of registering your O/S with Microsoft. It\'s not going to stop piracy, people will figure out a way around it. What it will do is inconvenience people. Personally, I hate registering stuff. It\'s an invasion of privacy. If they want my receipt, I can show it to them. If they want my email address so they can spam me (which, happened to me over the weekend when I had to register a piece of software that came with a piece of HARDWARE.. The next day I got an email thanking me for signing up to some mailing list. Yeah, just what I wanted.), they can F--- right off. I\'ve also noticed that certain companies also require you to register in order to download updates, not naming anyone in particular <cough cough>.

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