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Topic: Thoughts on additional (2nd) sample drive?

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    Re: Thoughts on additional (2nd) sample drive?

    I have 2 drives for the samples. One 40G and
    the other 80G. That works for me.

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    Thoughts on additional (2nd) sample drive?

    what\'s the prevailing opinion on adding an additional sample drive (and pci card to support it) as opposed to replacing your original sample drive with one huge one?

    this is of course would be a 3rd drive in addition to the system drive and 1st sample drive.


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    Re: Thoughts on additional (2nd) sample drive?

    Well, at some point you\'ll run into contention when moving data over the bus, but in general the more physical disk devices you have the more data you can stream simultaneously. Each disk operates independently of the other, so assuming you\'re not hitting the wall with the CPU, you can theoretically double your throughput by streaming from two drives. It\'s not quite that simple, but almost...

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