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Topic: Computer hanging at shutdown

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    Computer hanging at shutdown

    I have recently noticed one of my PC\'s not shutting down properly. It will go to the screen that says \"windows is shutting down\" and just sit there. Anyone else have this problem?


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    Re: Computer hanging at shutdown

    Check your power management settings in your bios and for the OS.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Computer hanging at shutdown

    Thanks Papa, what should they be set to?


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    Re: Computer hanging at shutdown

    When that happens, it usually means Windows is waiting for something to close so it can shut down.
    Try hitting ALT-CTRL-Delete to see what\'s running before you shut down. Try \"End Task\" on just about everything except explorer and systray, til you find out what\'s hanging it up. After that, it\'s just a matter of fixing whatever is causing the problem.

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    Re: Computer hanging at shutdown

    Go to Microsoft\'s site and download the shutdown patch.

    This *usually* fixes the problem.

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    Re: Computer hanging at shutdown

    Hey SOD213,
    Thanks for the tip. I was having the same problem that Donnie is having. I downloaded the patch from Microsoft, installed it and never looked back. All is well that ends well. Peace.

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