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Topic: is this a bug in gigastudio 160 ???

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    is this a bug in gigastudio 160 ???

    after converting my Symphony of voices library, i did a merge file to group all instruments of same category under one Giga instrument, and this also prevent duplication of the same samples use by several instrument, thus savings LOTS of spaces.
    Having done the above, some of my GIga files end up with over 50 instruments, when i load it into gigaStudio and and hit the \" channel information \" ( the little triagle on the right ), i can go to \"Loaded instrument\" to choose/ change my instrument..unfortunately the Scroll does not seem to work so i\'m stuck being able to view/access only the first 40 instruments ( the size of my 17\" monitor )...this seems like a bug, can anyone confirm ? any work around ??? Thanks

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    Re: is this a bug in gigastudio 160 ???

    You should see a scroll arrow at the lower left of the list, and be able to scroll with it.

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