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Topic: Urgent LAYLA 24/96 fix needed!

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    Urgent LAYLA 24/96 fix needed!

    Howdy all,

    I\'m trying to run Cakewalk SONAR in conjunction with GS 160 and a Layla 24 soundcard, and I\'m having some trouble. Here\'s the issue:

    Apparently, the Layla 24 doesn\'t have any internal routing; aka I can\'t control recording from the windows mixer. \'No problem,\' says the Layla 24 help guy. \"Just plug an output into a different input. So, I have outputs 1-2 going into Inputs 7-8. Bam! Recording issue solved. However, the 1-2 outputs were where I had my monitors plugged into the card. So what I did is this: I plugged 3-4 out into the monitors, and routed all the windows sounds through Layla 24 3-4 outs.

    I assigned Gigastudio 160 to the 1-2 outs. So: now in theory, I have ONLY windows sounds coming out of 3-4 out, and only GS sounds coming out of 1-2. The problem is that SONAR runs off Windows. So, when I use GS, I get output in BOTH 1-2 and 3-4, and it\'s causing some crazy sounds which I assume to be feedback loops.

    Is there any way to make this all work, or should I just ditch the Layla 24 and go with another card?



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    Re: Urgent LAYLA 24/96 fix needed!

    In Sonar, select the Options menu, then Audio, click the Drivers tab, deselect the outputs that Giga and your Windows system sounds use. Sonar will no longer send output on those channels.

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    Re: Urgent LAYLA 24/96 fix needed!

    The only problem with that is that both 1-2 and 3-4 need to be active in order for things to work. Or at least that\'s my understanding. GS sends its output to 1-2 where SONAR picks it up. Sonar then outputs to 3-4 where my monitor speakers are plugged in. (If I take out 3-4 in Sonar, I cut out the speakers.)

    Seems like the whole system is flawed because the Layla does not have isolated outputs. Also what bothers me is that Sonar ALWAYS outputs to 1-2, even I dont have it selected. And if I have 3-4 selected instead of 1-2 for GS outputs, I still get it out of 1-2 (in addition to 3-4). Is this just a Gigastudio bug? Does anyone use a Layla24 in conjunction with Sonar and GS to record?

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    Re: Urgent LAYLA 24/96 fix needed!

    I think you\'re a little confused about the relationship of SONAR and Windows.

    First, you should disable your Windows sounds altogether. That\'s just trouble waiting to happen.

    SONAR doesn\'t use \"Windows\" in any way except to run. All of its audio routing is carried out via direct Kernel Streaming, bypassing the Windows mixer completely. You can forget the Windows mixer exists.

    Instead of routing GS into SONAR, try using its render function and just dragging the rendered file onto your SONAR project. Mucho easy, and no AD/DA conversion which is just putting your sound through unneccesary degradations.

    You can alter the routing of each output in the Echo Console, so that your monitors can hear both the signal from the Layla and the signal from SONAR. Almost any routing is possible. All of your manipulations of the Layla should be in the Echo Console...as I said before, forget that Windows mixer even exists. With the apps you\'re using it is completely redundant, and not even in true control. Its only real function would be to route system sounds, and those should be disabled in any audio production machine since they can REALLY screw up your sample rates at the worst possible time.

    The Layla 24 is a really good interface for this purpose. Really study the routings available for outputs in the Echo Console, and you\'ll find several possible ways to tackle the issues you\'re reporting. That feedback problem, for instance, is probably just an input monitoring in a loop, and you can simply mute that.

    Best regards,

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