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Topic: Cubase/GS users please read!!!!!

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    Cubase/GS users please read!!!!!

    When I play MIDI files in cubase, sometimes I have MIDI notes get dropped.
    Here is an example file:

    This is a MIDI file for a joe satriani song for which I am recording a lead
    track. Even though I am discarding the guitar part, the guitar part does
    exhibit the problem. During certain sections of the main rhythm (after solo
    in particular) guitar notes will drop and it\'ll sound really weird because
    you\'ll hear these moments of silence. It happens randomly. Sometimes it\'ll
    do it, sometimes it won\'t.

    Anyway, I am curious if the MIDI data is inherently problematic or if it is
    a cubase/gigastudio issue. I\'d be curious to hear your results!

    My setup:

    gigastudio 160 2.2
    cubase vst32 5r4
    thunderbird 800
    256MB RAM
    ASUS A7V
    dual ibm ata100 7200rpm drives

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    Re: Cubase/GS users please read!!!!!

    You have multiple MIDI-CH in the Guitar track, like CH-3 and CH-4 in the Seq? Most of notes are used CH-3 but the time 6:03:120 is used Ch-4 (note # B3). Some Wheel events are mixed between CH-3&4. I don\'t have Cubase neither Giga with me now, just a quick look. So, what I would do is manually modify the MIDI events to same MIDI-CH3/4, then to see the problem can be solved or not?

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